Sustainability Consulting

Social, environmental and financial balance.

Carbon Footprint

Its impact on our planet's atmosphere

Calculation of carbon footprint according to GHP or ISO 14067

Implementation of ISO 14067

Internal Audit

Company Carbon Inventory

Product or Service Carbon Inventory

With this calculation you will be able to understand what your current emissions are and, through an action plan, what your emissions could be in the future.

This report also supports applications related to decarbonisation.

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint represents the total volume of greenhouse gases (GHG) generated by human economic and daily activities. It is important to know this data - expressed in tonnes of CO2 emitted - in order to adopt and implement the necessary measures to reduce it as much as possible, since this also depends on each of us in our daily lives.

At the corporate level it is possible to perform the footprint calculation in several factors, namely:

  • Global carbon footprint calculation

  • Calculation of the carbon footprint to the product

Through this calculation it is possible for the company to draw up a plan for the reduction of greenhouse gases, and also to apply for various economic funds that require this point.

At Quokka we perform this calculation for several purposes including:

  • Application to economic funds

  • Action plan elaboration

  • Product certification

  • Development of sustainability report