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Our mission

Our mission is to create sustainable solutions for companies and people that will help them pave the way towards sustainability, making the world a better place. We believe that our innovative methodology will not only help companies achieve certification and continuous improvement, but also motivate citizens to improve their lives. We intend to combine the discovery of the world with the construction of a sustainable path by promoting training, awareness and trips around the world so that everyone feels more responsible.

Our vision

To be recognized worldwide as a partner of excellencethat adds value to our customers by improving their practices, turning them into sustainable companies or families. To establish our methodology as a reference for global market innovation in terms of sustainability, linking the know-how that is being implemented in different regions.

The Quokka

The Quokka is described as the happiest animal in the world. It is called this way because itis constantly laughing and looks adorable in pictures. A Quokka can weigh between 2 and 5 kg and is similar in size to a domestic cat. It is herbivorous and somewhat nocturnal. Quokkas have well-developed hind legs and a pouch where they can carry their cubs for 6 months. Some populations can be found in Western Australia, but they have been in decline due to deforestation and wildfires. Quokkas love humans. They are not shy at all, justmight take a bite.

We named our company after this animal because we intend to bring harmony and happiness to all those who interact with us. Moreover, we are determined to connect the natural and human worlds in a balanced and sustainable way.

Our purpose

There are several reasons that led to the creation of Quokka. We aim to be a global company that transmits happiness, confidence and knowledge so that our customers are able to improve their practices and grow in a sustainable way.

In addition to our major focus on companies, we also have a department dedicated to individuals. This allows anyone to attend our trainings or events, and even request our services for smaller scale consultancy.

Our travel and experiences team is dedicated to compiling scientific knowledge from our technical areas on travels around the world. After all, what better way to understand climate change than to be in the Arctic looking at the vastness of ice and learning about the differences?

We believe there is no better way. In this regard, we provide several experiences linked to nature, all of them very practical and formative.

We also believe that environmental awareness and living in nature are one of the best tools for creating synergies between people, communities and countries, so we have activities spread globally with the appropriate frequency so that everyone can leave their mark.