Portugal's landfills are almost full!


The waste landfills, currently, in Portugal, are almost full, due to the high amount of this waste deposited.

One of the main goals assumed by Portugal until 2030, is based on recycling, being necessary to increasingly raise awareness on the subject, so that, all together, we can reduce the percentage of waste that is wasted and landfilled.

According to the data collected, at the moment, landfills are almost full, since 56% of the waste generated is discarded and deposited in landfills, which represents a very high value for what is expected nowadays. Therefore, a strategy was defined, with the objective of reducing the production of waste and its disposal to 10%.

Although this difference may seem very big and unreliable or not very credible, it is necessary, since with the definition of this goal, a set of organisations are all working together towards a certain end, and only then will change occur.

It is essential that each one of us takes responsibility for the waste we produce, so that the planet stops being harmed by human attitudes and actions, because we have to remember, there is NO PLANET B!