20 Regras de Ouro Para Educar Filhos e Alunos

Author: Augusto Cury

Augusto Cury, one of the most respected Brazilian psychiatrists and author of numerous best sellers, has been dedicated to the study of education for several decades. 20 Golden Rules for Educating Children and Students is a practical guide that summarizes the author's vast experience and makes it available to parents and teachers. 

These are just some of the golden rules of emotion management that Augusto Cury offers in this book: 

Understanding the mature and immature self; 

Putting smart limits; 

To pacify the minds of children and students; 

Never raise your voice; 

Never criticize excessively; 

Prevent digital intoxication; 

Have an allergy to being boring and boring; 

Dialogue intelligently. 

Each rule is explained through practical examples and is accompanied by useful tips for its implementation.

15.50 €