A Chave Para Rebecca

Author: Ken Follett

To the Germans, it is known as the Sphinx; for others it is Alex Wolff, a European businessman. A German spy, Wolff arrives in Cairo from the desert. He takes with him a radio, a dagger and a copy of the novel Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

He is a ruthless, violent man willing to do anything to carry out the mission he was given. Wolff has to send Rommel messages daily, using a code in said copy. The British campaign in North Africa is in jeopardy and only Major William Vandam of the secret services and Elene, an Egyptian prostitute with whom he has fallen in love, can stop Wolff's clandestine messages.

As Rommel's troops advance, Vandam pursues Wolff in search of the key to the secret code and the final showdown, from which only one of them will emerge victorious, with an intricate and wonderfully well-constructed story, this is one of Ken's most exciting thrillers. Follett.

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