A Jaula do Rei - Rainha Vermelha Livro 3

Author: Victoria Aveyard

When the lightning girl's spark goes out, who lights the way for rebellion?

Mare Barrow has been captured and is powerless without her power, living tormented by past mistakes. She is at the mercy of the boy she once fell in love with, a sly young man who deceived and betrayed her. Now king, Maven continues his mother's plans, doing everything he can to keep control of Norta - and her prisoner.

As Mare struggles to bear the stifling weight of the Silent Stone, the Scarlet Guard organizes itself, stepping out of the shadows and preparing for war. Among the warriors is Cal, the exiled prince, who in the midst of doubts has only one certainty: he will not rest until he brings Mare back.

Red and silver blood will run through the streets. The war is coming...

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