A Ordem

Author: Daniel Silva

Gabriel Allon is spending a discreet and much-needed family vacation in Venice. His peace is interrupted when Pope Paul VII unexpectedly dies and the Holy Father's loyal personal secretary, Archbishop Luigi Donati, summons Gabriel to Rome.

A billion Catholics were told that the pope's death was due to a heart attack. However, Donati has two good reasons to think that the Supreme Pontiff was assassinated. The first is the strange disappearance of the Swiss Guard who was on duty in the pontifical apartments that night. The second, the letter that the Holy Father was writing in his last hours of life, a letter addressed to Gabriel.

«While researching the Secret Archives of the Vatican, I came across an absolutely remarkable book» The book in question is a Gospel long suppressed, a Gospel that questions the accuracy of the image given by the New Testament of one of the most prodigious events in the history of Humanity.

For that reason, the Order of Saint Helena, an obscure Catholic society with links to the European extreme right, will stop at nothing to prevent it from falling into Gabriel's hands. In parallel, they conspire to appropriate the throne of Saint Peter. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

As the cardinals gather in Rome for the conclave, Gabriel embarks on a desperate investigation to gather evidence of the Order's conspiracy and to find the long-lost Gospel that could end two thousand years of deadly hatred.

The rhythm and elegance of The Order will grip readers from start to breath-taking finish. It is a romance of friendship and faith in a dangerous and uncertain world. It's the latest realization that Daniel Silva is the best international thriller writer of his generation.

19.90 €