A Saga De Um Pensador

Author: Augusto Cury

In this novel, Dr. Cury narrates the story of Marco Polo, a young man in love with life, who becomes a great thinker. In the 21st century, this young man is the protagonist of an adventure as remarkable as that of the 13th century Venetian Marco Polo. The story begins in the dramatic setting of the Anatomy room. Filled with anticipation and tension, the freshmen of the Faculty of Medicine are shocked to find the sad spectacle of unidentified bodies lying on the white marble. Marco Polo, audacious, immediately wants to know their identity, the stories they would have to tell...

It is while trying to discover something more about these anonymous beings that Marco Polo meets Falcão, a homeless philosopher, an "intelligent pauper", who lived with them and leads him to know the world of frustrated dreams, broken futures and vain hopes of those who lost everything. The young dreamer and the old thinker are, step by step, fighting prejudice against mental illness. They criticize the powerful industry of antidepressants and tranquilizers and lead us to find a treasure hidden in the rubble of all people who suffer. 

Marco Polo is a medical student, a free spirit full of dreams and expectations. Upon entering college, he is confronted with a harsh reality: the insensitivity and coldness of his professors, who do not realize that each patient is, more than a set of symptoms, a human being with a complex and unique history of losses and disappointments.

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