A Viúva Negra

Author: Daniel Silva

Legendary spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon is about to become head of Israeli secret services.

However, on the eve of the promotion, events seem to conspire to attract him to a last operation on the ground.

ISIS has exploded a massive bomb in the Marais district of Paris, and a desperate French government wants Gabriel to eliminate the man responsible before this strikes again.

They call him Saladin...

He is a terrorist brain whose ambition is as grand as his nom de guerre, a man so elusive that even his nationality is not known. Shielded by sophisticated encryption software, his network communicates in complete secrecy, keeping the West in the dark about his plans and leaving Gabriel no choice but to infiltrate an agent into the most dangerous terrorist group the world has ever known. She is an extraordinary young doctor, as brave as she is beautiful.

At Gabriel's orders, she will pose as an ISIS recruit waiting for the moment to act, a ticking time bomb, a bloodthirsty black widow.

A risky mission will take her from the bustling suburbs of Paris to the island of Santorini and the brutal world of the Islamic State's new caliphate, and eventually to Washington, where the ruthless Saladin plans an apocalyptic night of terror that will alter the course of history. .

The Black Widow is a riveting thriller of shocking prescience. But it's also a thoughtful journey into the new heart of darkness that will haunt readers long after they've turned the last page.

A web of deceit.

17.70 €