Ansiedade Como Enfrentar o Mal do Século

Author: Augusto Cury

"We live in an urgent, fast and anxious society. Never have people had such a restless and stressed mind. Patience and tolerance for setbacks are becoming luxury items. When the computer takes a while to start, few people don't get irritated. And when they are not engaging in interesting activities, they are easily distressed. Rare are those who contemplate the flowers in the gardens or sit down to chat on their balconies or at the window. We are in the age of the entertainment industry and, paradoxically, in the age of boredom. It is very sad to discover that most human beings of all nations do not know how to be alone, to internalize, to reflect on the nuances of existence, to enjoy their own company, to have a self-dialogue. These people know many others on social media, but they rarely know anyone in depth and, what's worse, they rarely know themselves. This book talks about the evil of the century. Many think that depression is the evil of the century, but here I present another one, perhaps more serious, but less noticeable: anxiety resulting from Accelerated Thought Syndrome (PAS). Thinking is good, thinking lucidly is great, but thinking too much is a bomb against psychic health, the pleasure of living and creativity."

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