As Estrelas, o Caos e EU

Author: Jenny MCLachlan

Sometimes you just need a little chaos in your life. Meg is a typical science nerd upstairs who dreams more about the stars over there than the world below. But it's close to a mission loaded with reality. The mother left unexpectedly on one of her wild trips and left Meg to take care of her baby sister. 

This promotion to adult of the house, faster than a rocket, came at the worst possible time: the moment when a contest is taking place whose prize is a visit to NASA headquarters. Nothing more, nothing less than Meg's big dream. To make things even more difficult, his rival Ed is also in the running. In between, there's still a half-mad grandfather, chickens, hamsters, an adorable evil-looking dog slobber, a mom with a lot to learn, from popular and insensitive school, and, of course, a fantastic love story intertwined in the middle of the whole thing. chaos. 

Torn between the responsibility of taking care of a baby and the will for a miracle to conquer the stars, Meg will need a true cosmic to not lose her way. But there are those who say that miracles happen!

16.99 €