Até o Sol Nascer

Author: Megan Maxwell

A romantic story that tells us about summer loves, dreams, illusions and the importance of work.

Esther and Sofía are two sisters who, together with their father, run a hotel in the beautiful town of Benicàssim, Spain.

Esther, the eldest, is thoughtful, hardworking and terribly responsible. She ends up investing more hours than she should at work, putting her happiness and her dream of setting up her own restaurant in the background.

Sofia, on the other hand, is a complicated, selfish and foolish girl, too spoiled by her family and with unrecommendable friends. Until she realizes, following an unpleasant experience, that her life is not going the right way.

Esther decides to enroll in a cooking course in London. There she meets Jorge, a man with whom she spends wonderful days and who makes her believe that magic and romanticism exist. Sofía meets Luis, who teaches her to love herself and to understand that, in life, results only appear if we work.

Even Sol Nascer is a story in which love, family, friends, tenacity and music are the main ingredients. Immerse yourself in this passionate romance and let yourself be enchanted.

18.50 €