Caminhos de Paixão: A História de La Diana - Parte I Volume II

Author: Florencia Bonelli

Mariyana Huseinovic was one of the victims of the devastating Balkan War. Deeply marked by the tortures experienced during the years of captivity, she built an identity behind which she managed to protect herself and survive. Thus was born La Diana, a woman-at-arms, independent and fearless, but unavailable to love. However, his return to Bosnia as part of a special mission brings him a big surprise: Lazar Kovac. 

This man - humble, affectionate and charming, who shares a traumatic past with La Diana - will not only be able to break down the walls she has built around herself to protect herself, but also encourage her to resolve an issue. from the past that prevents her from finding happiness. Will she be able to fulfill her mission and regain peace? Can La Diana continue to run away from Vuk, the monster who tortured her and who is now insistently looking for her? Is happiness really in your way?

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