Caminhos de Paixão: A Vingança de La Diana - Parte II e Volume II

Author: Florencia Bonelli

La Diana and Lazar are in Sarajevo and are planning the wedding that will unite them forever. But evil is lurking and neither the bodyguards who protect them nor the military training of the elite soldier will be able to stop it. When she least expects it, La Diana becomes once again Vuk's hostage. 

Trapped in a property whose location she doesn't know, permanently guarded by him and his men, La Diana doesn't know how to escape and above all she doesn't imagine how she can live without the man she loves and with whom she overcame all her phobias. Stripped of the weapons she has learned to wield with enviable dexterity, the only hope left is for Nanuk, L'Agence's former companion, to come to her rescue. 

Will he be able to escape unscathed from the clutches of the man who has done him so much harm, or will he have to go back to living the same torment he endured during the Balkan War? Is she destined for a life without her great love?

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