Cavalo de Fogo: Paris - Livro 1

Author: Florencia Bonelli

Matilda Martínez, a young pediatrician from Argentina, travels to Paris to learn the language before leaving for Congo, at the service of an NGO, to help those most in need. Despite her insecurities, traumas and dramas, Matilde's determination is so strong that nothing and no one will be able to stop her from fulfilling her dream. Eliah Al-Saud is a powerful and ruthless man, a descendant of the Saudi royal family. 

Owner of a private security company, the business serves as a front for another type of service: espionage, security and training of mercenaries. From their first meeting, fate will unite them in a passion so intense and unstoppable that they will be able to do nothing to prevent the growing conspiracy that threatens not only their love, but also their lives.

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