Cinco Esquinas

Author: Mario Margas Llosa

Chatting, without their husbands, and unaware of the curfew, Chabela and Marisa will have to spend the night together. What happened in bed that night will become a big, tasty secret. Chabela is the wife of a renowned lawyer; Marisa, from one of the leading figures in mining. 

The perfect world they live in - if it weren't for the constant threat of guerrillas and kidnappings - will be rocked hard by a scandal. After a blackmail attempt by Rolando Garro, director of the newspaper Destapes, the participation of engineer Enrique Cárdenas in an orgy will be made public in all its most sordid details. A brutal murder follows.

But the relationship of all this with political power, namely with the man who actually governs the country in a corrupt and authoritarian way, the Doctor, the president's right-hand man, will be brought to light: curiously by the courage and fiber of the main editor of the aforementioned tabloid that uses the plume name «La Retaquita».

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