Author: Augusto Cury

For a long time, jealousy was seen as a sign of love, even when it was unhealthy and caused only suffering - both for those who felt it and for those who were victims of it. It has even been said: "Jealousy is the spice of the relationship." But times have changed, and today we know how to recognize that jealousy is not a sign of an exciting relationship, but of a sick relationship. 

The person who feels jealous lacks an essential thing, something that completes him and allows him to be happy without someone else: self-esteem. Throughout these pages, the psychiatrist and writer Augusto Cury brings to light the various facets of this feeling that divides opinions and emphasizes that, although there is a healthy jealousy - characterized by the desire to be close to the one you love -, the line that divides love of neighbor and lack of self-love. The person who feels jealous has abandoned himself, and therefore seeks in the other what he is not able to give himself. With simple lessons such as "Have a romance with your story before dating someone else", "Be transparent" or "Don't be your own executioner", the reader will learn to protect their emotion and create a healthy relationship with themselves. himself first, and only then with everyone around him. After all, jealousy isn't just restricted to couples; parents, children, friends, everyone can be affected by this feeling that imprisons relationships.

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