Descubra o seu Destino

Author: Robin Sharma

Julian Mantle, the monk who sold his Ferrari, is back, with new and revealing lessons to discover and nurture your true greatness. Discover Your Destiny tells the story of Dar Sandersen, a middle-aged human resources manager who has a good job, a nice home and a steady income. Despite his apparent success, Dar feels deeply unhappy: he knows that this "good life" is preventing him from achieving an even better life. After an unforgettable meeting with Julian Mantle, he sets off on an odyssey, to find a more authentic existence and to conquer his destiny. On your journey, discover the seven steps that will lead you to lasting happiness and personal freedom. 

Combining ancient Eastern wisdom with modern success principles, Discover Your Destiny is a captivating narrative that will help you live life to the full, achieving the happiness, prosperity and harmony you deserve.

15.50 €