Doces Silêncios

Author: Deborah Smith

After the death of her husband in a tragic accident, Hush McGillen was not let down. He turned the family's apple orchards into a successful business and his son, Davis, is studying at the prestigious Harvard University. However, this idyllic paradise falls apart when his son appears with an unexpected companion: the daughter of the President of the United States. All of a sudden, Hush has to deal with Secret Service, the media and, worst of all, his son's new in-laws - and the first lady isn't happy. 

With federal agent Nick Jakobek, sent by the presidential family to rescue his daughter, bringing even more chaos into his life, Hush is faced with the need to do everything possible to save his business, his reputation and his family. - because your past is not exactly the fairy tale that everyone thinks.

17.70 €