Inquebrável - The Shatter Me Livro 2

Author: Taheren Mafi

My hope is unbreakable

But until when?

I am an ally of the resistance.

I am the weapon that everyone is looking for

Juliette manages to escape the Reestablishment's perfidious plans and takes refuge in Omega Point, the resistance headquarters. Here, hide people like her, with extraordinary powers and unimaginable abilities. For a moment, Juliette believes she can be free to be with Adam, the only one who can survive her lethal touch.

But when all seems to have settled down, Juliette realizes she can't escape the deadly gift... or Warner, her former captor, who wants her more than she realizes.

Silenced and manipulated for so long, Juliette now faces the biggest obstacle of all: finding her voice. Will she be able to unlock her full potential and make her own choices?

18.79 €