Lendário - Trilogia Caraval Livro 2

Author: Stepanhie Garber

A heart to protect. A debt to pay. A game to win.

This year's Caraval has been completed. Tella is safe and sound, much to her older sister Scarlett's relief. But Tella has secrets she can't tell him, like what she promised in exchange for her sisters' invitations to Caraval. Secrets about the person to whom she made these promises. And secrets about Julian, the Caraval player who won Scarlett's heart.

Even afraid to reveal the truth to the one who loves her the most, Tella decides to go with Caraval's troupe to Valenda, the capital of the Empire, to find the mysterious correspondent to whom she has to fulfill what she promised. Only, in the nights leading up to Elantine Day-a masquerade of masquerade, jubilee, and illusion-she can't be trusted... anyone.

Welcome to Caraval. The game has just started.

18.90 €