Mentes Brilhantes Mentes Treinadas

Author: Augusto Cury

In this unprecedented book, Augusto Cury shows how each of us can train our own mind and make it brilliant. 

In all of nature, we are the only species that is not only self-aware, but capable of writing its own history. It's a remarkable feat, but one that hasn't always been put to good use. After all, have we been writing a story that frees us or that imprisons us? 

Millions of people live in free societies, but they remain slaves to their emotions. They don't train their psyche to build an intelligent love and a brilliant mind and, therefore, they develop psychic disorders that control them and that asphyxiate others. We all want a healthy, free, safe, flexible, creative mind... But too often we let our guard down, we let our mind go wild, we don't watch out for it. And the consequence of this lack of care reveals itself in the form of shy, agitated, anxious, immature, pessimistic, fearful, floating and depressed minds. 

Brilliant Minds, Trained Minds addresses these topics based on the Theory of Multifocal Intelligence, which the author has been developing for over 25 years.

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