Author: Deborah Smith

Sebastien de Savin is a brilliant surgeon whose skill and arrogance are an explosive mixture. In the past, a dark secret was responsible for hardening her heart, until a miracle happens. The miracle goes by the name of Amy Miracle, a shy girl with a summer job in Savin's family vineyards and the last person someone like Sebastien would ever hope to fall in love with. 

An accident brings them together: thanks to Sebastien, Amy escapes a life of poverty and psychological abuse, gains self-confidence and progresses in a successful career. Thanks to Amy, Sebastien learns to laugh again and awakens to love. However, real life separates them. Although they spent little time together, the memory of those precious moments haunted them for years to come. Until the day their paths cross again... 

Filled with humorous and passionate characters, Milagre is above all a story of love and unforgettable conflict, which shows how love may seem unlikely, but it is never impossible.

17.70 €