Mistério em Nine Elms

Author: Robert Bryndza

Kate Marshall was a promising young London police detective when she caught the notorious serial killer operating in the Nine Elms region. But her biggest victory suddenly turned into a nightmare due to a series of unexpected circumstances. Traumatized, betrayed and publicly vilified, Kate could do little as she watched her career be judged in the public square.

More than fifteen years have passed since those events, although her time on the police force is still very much alive, she now lives a peaceful life in a peaceful town on the English coast. One day, however, Kate receives a letter from someone in her past and is thrust once again into the twisted mind of a murderer she knows all too well, finding herself caught up in the intricacies of a case only she can solve.

With an uncanny knack for breaking into the criminal mind, Kate uses her prodigious and long-overlooked investigative skills to tackle a case whose success promises redemption. But there's too much at stake: it's not just Kate who wants to catch the killer... he wants to find her too.

A brilliant, mysterious and intelligent thriller.

17.45 €