Momento Final

Author: Robert Bryndza

Kate Marshall's investigation into the disappearance of a journalist nearly thirteen years ago takes her down an unexpectedly twisted path in a brilliant and intense thriller.

Kate Marshall and her partner, Tristan Harper, enter the field when they are hired to investigate a cold case that has been going on for over a decade. A young journalist named Joanna Duncan has disappeared after reporting a case whose political scandal has had major repercussions. The mystery was never solved and she was never found. Most people moved on. Except Joanna's mother.

When they gain access to the original files of the case, Kate and Tristan begin to follow the clues left by the previous investigation. But, unlike those who preceded them, they discover among Joanna's belongings the names of two other young people who disappeared without a trace.

As they try to piece together the last days of these three missing persons, Kate and Tristan realize that perhaps Joanna has uncovered something even more sinister than a political scandal

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