Nobre & Poderoso - Série Os Libertinos Livro 3

Author: Madeline Hunter

Suspected brother's murder, Lancelot (Lance) Hemingford, Duke of Aylesbury, sees no other solution than anonymity. Disgusted, the young man leaves the rebellious life of London for the quiet of the countryside. But as soon as an opportunity arises to clear his name, he doesn't hesitate. 

The only thing he has to do is propose to a neighbor's niece... An easy and potentially interesting task, as Lance can't resist the challenge of seducing a reluctant maiden. Marianne Radley, who depends on her uncle for survival, is now cornered. The young woman has no choice but to accept Lance's hand. But Marianne has a plan: she intends to uncover her future husband's most sordid secrets and expose them to the world. 

This would indeed be a foolproof plan. But to bring it to fruition, she will have to be totally immune to the charms of a debauched... and charming duke.

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