O Enigma do Quarto 622

Author: Joel Dicker

One December night, a corpse lies on the floor of room 622 at the Palace de Verbier, a luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps. The mysterious death occurs in the middle of the annual party of a prestigious Swiss bank, on the eve of the appointment of its president. The police investigation concludes nothing and the passage of time leads to the case being practically forgotten.

Fifteen years later, writer Joël Dicker stays in that same hotel to recover from a heartbreak and to mourn his esteemed editor. Checking into the hotel for what he hoped would be a few days of tranquility and inspiration, he had no idea he would end up investigating this past crime. He won't do it alone: ​​Scarlett, a beautiful woman staying in the room next to his, will accompany him in solving the mystery, while deciphering the recipe for writing a good book.

What happened that winter night at the Palace de Verbier?

What terrible crime took place in Room 622?

It's because?

These are the key questions of this fast-paced thriller, built with the usual mastery of Joël Dicker, which for the first time takes us to his country to narrate a surprising story.

A love triangle, power games, betrayal and envy - nothing is lacking in this magnetic intrigue, in which the truth is very different from what we imagined.

22.95 €