O Homem do Mês - Livro 4

Author: J. Kenner


Matthew Herrington might own three gyms, but he's still a high-school dropout, and he knows damned well that he's not good enough for the likes of Hannah Donovan. She's smart. Gorgeous. And all building her legal career. Definitely out of Matthew's league.

Then she asks him for help ... as her stand in fiancé. And he's never been known as someone who'd let a lady down. 

Matthew figures he's in for a workout when Hannah shares that they've got to convince her wealthy financier stepfather that he's a stand-up boyfriend for his daughter ... but he doesn't expect their fake date to turn into a wild night of passion that is the highlight of both their sex lives. Matthew's willing to go the distance, but when Hannah risks losing everything because of him, he knows he just should walk...

But his banged-up, beat-down, never-say-die heart?
Well, it has other ideas...


Voice actor and writer Griffin Draper doesn't do relationships. He's lived most of his life in shadows, hiding his hated scars under long sleeves, hoodies and hats, revealing himself only in the scripts he writes and the characters he brings to life. 

Only a few people know the true man, his heart and his face. He's too careful. Too afraid of getting burned all over again. 

Then Beverly Martin enters his life, and suddenly Griffin's heart aches for more. She's beautiful and caring, and little by little she eases her way into his heart, and his bed. The connection between them is electric, and Griffin can't believe he's finally tasting the kind of passion he believed would never be his. Best of all, Beverly says she wants him, too-and her touch almost makes Griffin believe that a girl like her could truly love a beast like him.

But Beverly is an A-list movie star who lives her life in the spotlight. Can Griffin take the leap into the bright lights of fame? Or will he end up losing the only woman he's ever loved?


Single dad Brent Sinclair has given up everything to give his daughter a chance at a normal life after the devastating abandonment of her mother. He's been alone for so long, he feels like a cliché ... especially when he can't stop thinking about his daughter's twenty-something nanny. She's fun, smart, and carefree. Too bad she's not only too young, she's also his boss's daughter, and that makes her completely off limits.

He knows better, dammit. But when he catches her watching him, too, their flirty banter turns into a scorching-hot secret fling that sets his world on fire.
Their heat is dangerous, though. Because if their secret gets out, Brent could lose not only his job but his reputation. And for what? It's not as if their wicked nights could turn into something permanent. Not with Elena set on following a career that takes her all over the world, and Brent content to stay home and give his daughter some stability. 

Brent's had enough loss in his life to know he can't have it all ... but when Elena starts feeling like family, touching a part of his heart he'd thought he'd have to lock down forever, he knows that he'll do whatever it takes to make Elena his.

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