O Monge Urbano

Author: Pedram Shojai

This book teaches you how to overcome the oppression, stress and anxiety of modern life. Shows you how to find inner peace in a chaotic world. Each of the book's ten chapters discusses one of the main problems of the modern world: stress, lack of time, energy deficit, sleep problems, stagnant lifestyles, poor diet, disconnection from nature, loneliness, money problems and absence. of life goals. 

The Wisdom of the Urban Monk offers us a different way of looking at our dilemmas and seeing a way out. Some examples: Killing time is killing yourself. Good psychotherapy works wonders. Being afraid of change paralyzes us. Benevolence leads to abundance. Next, O Monge Urbano proposes solutions. First, there are Oriental Practices, simple theories that have proven, over millennia, to work. 

Then the Modern Practices, which consist of practical exercises, meditations and other effective techniques to face contemporary problems. In the end, some recipes and an action plan that will radically transform your life. For the better, of course.

18.45 €