O Preço do Dinheiro

Author: Ken Follett

Various daring crimes

London. A politician wakes up with a pretty girl in bed; a criminal gives instructions to his gang; a millionaire has breakfast with a Bank of England clerk. Then, three stories are triggered: a suicide attempt, a robbery and a proposal to acquire a company.

A shocking conspiracy

They seem to be unrelated situations, until Evening Post reporters start asking questions. Why is a bank in Jamaica in financial trouble? Who was driving the Rolls-Royce seen near the scene of the robbery? Who was the man wounded by a shotgun blast? in the course of a single day, fortunes will be destroyed, reputations shattered and principles annihilated.

A dangerous truth

Only when a blackmailed politician takes action and throws two fearless reporters on the trail of events is a criminal web at the heart of the conspiracy unmasked. Is the truth too dangerous to be published on that unforgettable day in the capital?

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