O Senhor e a Serva

Author: Madeline Hunter

Moira Falkner was born into a servanthood, taught by life to expect nothing. He soon fell in love with Addis de Valence, a man betrothed to another woman. His disappearance and subsequent news of his death left Moira devastated. For years, the young woman had been content with a half-life of caring for his child as her own. But one day, everything changes. Addis is back. 

The young squire who was once her hero is now her lord, a man hardened by the battlefield and years of slavery. What he finds is heartbreaking: his father and wife are dead, their lands have been usurped by their stepbrother, and their country is on the brink of rebellion. 

But Addis has everything she needs in Moira to start over. But to fulfill his destiny and avenge his father, he cannot afford to follow his heart, not even when it threatens to drive him insane.

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