Pais Inteligentes Formam Sucessores, Não Herdeiros

Author: Augusto Cury

When we become parents, we are committed to raising an individual who will carry our heritage to the world - not just our genetic heritage and material possessions, but also, and most importantly, our values ​​and our culture. But how can we know that we are making the right choices in our children's education? Training successors is one of the most vital areas of educating brilliant minds. In this book, the prestigious psychiatrist and psychotherapist Augusto Cury addresses two concepts that say a lot about the new generation and the future of nations: heirs and successors. By heirs, the author designates all those young people who live in constant immediate expenditure; they do not enrich or cultivate the goods and knowledge they acquired from their parents or teachers. Successors, on the other hand, are those who know how to transform what was transmitted to them and who think in the medium and long term. Heirs live in the shadow of others; successors build their own legacy. 

In this unique and extremely instructive book, Augusto Cury presents a set of techniques so that parents, teachers and leaders can correct the path of education, if necessary, and know how to prepare young people to be successors, contributing to the construction of families and societies that are more rich and happy.

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