Prisioneiros da Mente

Author: Augusto Cury

Theo Fester seems to have it all: he's a powerful Silicon Valley mogul, world-renowned businessman, father of three proud and successful children. But his early life was dramatic: the son of a Holocaust survivor, he became an entrepreneur to survive his father's pain, poverty and childhood bullying, becoming an expert in reinventing himself. He managed to be one of the richest men in the world, but all the wealth and power cannot hide the truth: the Fester family is not only broke, but torn apart by disputes and grudges. 

After a meeting with psychiatrist Marco Polo, Theo discovers that there are millions of people who are prisoners of their own egos - from anonymous to celebrities, from miserable to millionaires. The Fester family is a perfect example of emotional misery. On the verge of death, the mega-entrepreneur will use incredible strategies to free his children from mental prisons and make them mentally healthy - and he will discover that it is easier to accumulate material wealth than to become spiritually rich. 

Get ready to experience your own mental prisons in this captivating and unforgettable novel.

16.60 €