Quem és Tu, Maud Dixon?

Author: Alexandra Andrews

Maud Dixon? Yes, everyone knows her name from the bestseller lists, everyone has read or heard of her first novel, but... no one knows who she is. Now, the mystery will become even bigger and more... dangerous.

Florence Darrow wants to be a writer. By the way: Florence Darrow WILL be a writer. and the opportunity of a lifetime is coming. Fired from her first job in the world of books, she now has the best offer she could imagine: assistant to Maud Dixon, a bestselling novelist whose identity no one knows. For this, Florence will, of course, have to respect many rules, including living isolated in a country house, without being able to tell anyone where she is.

Shortly thereafter, the two travel to Morocco, where Maud wants to do some research for her long-awaited second novel. Strolls on the beach, vibrant orange sunsets, long conversations late into the night - it feels like an idyll. Until Florence wakes up in a hospital after barely surviving a car accident.

How did it end up there? Where is Maud, who was in the car with her? Florence feels that she is being manipulated, deceived, but... she also thinks: if Maud left the scene, maybe it's her real opportunity to become a writer, maybe she would take advantage of everything that...

Half thriller, half romance, this is a story that brings together the best ingredients for those who like suspense, engaging writing, strong pace and scenarios that all book lovers will recognize and love.

19.90 €