Romance ao Anoitecer - Spindle Cove Livro 3

Author: Tessa Dare

Spindle Cove is a quiet village where young ladies hang out and try to keep their reputation intact. After years of living a solitary life, orphan Kate Taylor has found warmth and friendship in Spindle Cove, where she gives music lessons and attends the village's most privileged class. But Kate longs for something more, to know true love. Until unexpected revelations threaten to change the fate of a maiden dear to everyone. Cold as ice but incredibly handsome, Corporal Thorne is the perfect example of the kind of man Kate should avoid. 

But fate doesn't seem to agree with her. Meanwhile, a group of mysterious strangers arrive at Spindle Cove to reveal their true origins to Kate. It is then that, to everyone's surprise, Thorne introduces himself as her fiancé. Unless nightfall takes care of altering the course of your steps. He says he feels nothing but the duty to protect her. But Kate is far from believing that... 

And for Thorne to convince her he'll have to keep his hands off her tempting body and shield his heart from that dazzling smile. Can this warrior win his final battle? Or will you surrender to the challenge of loving for the first time?

18.45 €