Sonhar - Again Livro 4

Author: Mona Kasten

She didn't want to fall in love. He gave her the will to live. 

Everly Penn never wanted to fall in love, let alone someone from the same college. But Nolan Gates is stunning, so smart and sexy... Plus, he's the only person who can make her forget the terrible thoughts that have kept her awake night after night since her childhood. The more Everly gets to know Nolan, the more intense the bond between the two becomes, and she increasingly feels that she has to break down the obstacles that have separated their paths. 

Despite this, Everly is far from imagining that behind the Nolan she sees - an extraordinary boy, passionate about books - there is a secret that could destroy that love, kill him right from the start. Mona Kasten's Return is a story of love, laughter, secrets and intimacy: two lives made one by the force of passion. Just Dream... again.

17.90 €