Walk from summit to monastery

A trail that willallow you to have a view over Caminha, Viana and Spain, following a passage through the Monastery of S. João d'Arga and Arga de S. João.

Along the way you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Monastery of S. João d'Arga during the workshops of:

- Traditions of the Monastery of S. João d'Arga

- Leave no Trace

We will also stop for a coffee and a snack


15.00 €

Date: by appointment.

  • Morning: 9am or 10am

Please contact us to make your appointment.

(Minimum 2 people for the walk to take place).

Duration: 6 hours.

Starting point: Arga de S. João, Serra d'Arga.

(We will send you the coordinates after booking).

Age of participants: Over 14 years old.

Physical Condition: Walking for active people without physical mobility.

Material: walking shoes, comfortable clothes, hat, sunscreen, water, waterproof (in case of rain).

  • Each participant is in charge of bringing their lunch.

Degree of difficulty

Find out more about the degrees of difficulty here.

Walk from summit to monastery

By appointment, all year round, subject to availability

Arga de S. João, Serra d'Arga

> 14 years, minimum 2 people


Leave no Trace

Pass without a trace.

Take nothing but longing.

Leave nothing but footprints.

Take nothing but pictures.

Kill nothing but time.

Have you ever imagined yourself spending time in nature in this philosophy of life? You'll learn the concept, techniques, and strategies for hiking, camping, or whatever in Light on the Trace mode.

Traditions of the Monastery of S. João d'Arga

The Serra d'Arga has in its history several legends, some with a strong connection to the Monastery of S. João d'Arga, which is the ex-libris of the mountain with annual festival in honor of S. João, which is celebrated on August 28 and 29.

Having undergone several renovations over the centuries, the monastery's construction refers to Romanesque architecture.

We will tell you the story and talk about local traditions.

The Guides

Daniela Amorim is an Environmental Engineer, a Girl Scout for over 20 years and a mountaineering practitioner. She loves nature and knows all the necessary techniques to develop a mountain activity. She will be the guide of the mountain techniques workshops and the guide of the whole trail. She will be joined by a guest to talk about the natural heritage of Serra d'Arga. Believing that nature is our true home, she will convey to you everything that the path allows. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about nature photography with her, take your camera.

Ângela Fernandes, a certified walking guide, will be the group guide for this route. Completely passionate about nature, especially flora, she brings with her all the knowledge of botany and medicinal plants that add value to our days.

She does not dispense a good walk, and a good adventure, as such, it is a natural enthusiasm to hear her speak during these group moments.

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