Um Conto de Inverno

Author: Trisha Ashley

Sophy Winter is not the typical owner of a manor house. In fact, with the exception of many dreams and a few nightmares, she never owned anything. However, his luck unexpectedly changes when he inherits a mansion in the countryside. It is with a joyful heart that you will know your heritage. 

And what you see is not (at all) what you expected. Winter's End was once a stately home, but now it's decrepit and (worse!) filled with eccentric and hellish inhabitants. Sophy - who had almost imagined herself starring in a real-life version of Downton Abbey - is desperate. But the worst is yet to come. When word gets out that William Shakespeare had visited the mansion during its heyday, the entire village sets its sights on Sophy. 

Especially the seductive Jack Lewis. But is he really in love with her... or just the inheritance, suddenly so appealing? Left alone in a big house full of stories, secrets, dust and (maybe) a ghost or two, what should Sophy do? Unfortunately, he can't even count on Seth, his magnificent gardener. Seth... as silent and strong as the most beautiful of trees (and who has ignored her since day one). Seth... the man whose heart she can never win (of that, Sophy is absolutely sure). 

But the young heiress should have already learned to distrust the apparent predictability of life. As surprising as the inheritance itself is what is about to happen.

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