Um Encontro de Sombras - Sombras de Magia Livro 2

Author: V. E. Schwab

Four months have passed since the mysterious black stone came into Kell's possession. Four months since his path crossed Delilah Bard's. Four months since Prince Rhy was wounded and since the evil Dane brothers of White London were defeated. Four months since, along with Holland's dying body, the stone was breached back in Black London.

Now restless since giving up his secret pleasure of smuggling objects between cities, Kell is haunted by nightmares of terrifying magical happenings, awakening to think of Lila, who has disappeared to the docks as he always wished.

With the final preparations for the Elemental Games - an extravagant international magic competition designed to entertain and maintain healthy bonds between neighboring countries - a certain pirate ship approaches, gathering old friends. As Red London finds itself grappling with the glitz and thrills of the Games, another London is waking up to life. After all, a shadow that was devoured by the night will reappear at dawn. However, the balance of magic is very dangerous, and for one city to flourish, another London must fall.

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