Uma Duquesa Im(Perfeita) - Spindle Cove Livro 4

Author: Tessa Dare 

Spindle Cove is a small village of single girls. The perfect place to find a bride. Griffin York, the Duke of Halford, has no intention of marrying, but his devilish mother forces him to choose a bride from among the young ladies of Spindle Cove. Griff decides to teach his mother a lesson that will put an end to her obstinacy: the young woman he chooses to marry is a servant. 

Pauline Simms is a mere servant, but she has bigger dreams, which doesn't involve getting married. It is therefore the perfect choice for the Duke of Halford. Overworked and living with difficulties, Pauline dreams of quitting being a maid and opening a library, which seems likely to come true when Griff offers her a small fortune for a simple mission. 

She will have to undergo her mother's "duchess training" and... fail miserably. Will they be able to stay true to their convictions? Griff never thought that Pauline, a woman so flawed at first glance, was, after all, so brave and charming. Pauline, on the other hand, is determined to be a complete failure in London society, but she finds it difficult to give in to the duke's charms. Will they be able to withstand the twists of fate?

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