Uma Reputação Perigosa - Série Os Libertinos Livro 1

Author: Madeline Hunter

There are four things that set Gareth Fitzallen apart from other men: his beautiful face, his unsurpassed charm, his aristocratic connections and, above all, his power of seduction. When he sets out to restore a property - and investigate an art theft - Gareth meets Eva Russell. Coming from the gentry, Eva is ruined. All that remains is her family status, the artistic talent that allows her to make copies of paintings to survive, and the plan to arrange a good marriage for her sister, Rebecca. 

Everyone warns her of Gareth's reputation. Everyone advises her to protect her sister. But it's not Rebecca he wants... One look for Eva to see she's got herself in trouble... and one kiss to start a clash of talents like no other.

16.90 €