Green building

Changing into a sustainable space is quite simple within our projects.

Solar panels installation

                         On your roof, on your boat, on your motorhome, everywhere!

Solar panels are one of the most cost-effective and widely used renewable energy sources.

They can be installed on roofs, as usual, but also in gardens, on boats, motorhomes or other equipment that require energy to work.

At Quokka, we always conduct, in the first place, a cost-effectiveness study to make sure our project is the most suitable for you.

This is a turnkey project in which all the design, construction and installation work is carried out simultaneously.

Wind turbines installation

There is always a wind turbine that matches your company or home!

In some parts of the territory, renewable energy is synonym of wind power. Much of Earth's surface is frequently covered by wind, which can be reused.

Wind turbines are already adapted to be installed in small areas.

This is a great opportunity for development and sustainability that requires low investment.

The entire project is based on an energy efficiency study that allows the client to choose the best turbine model according to its energy production.

Turnkey project.

Green roofs

A roof doesn't have to be just a roof, it can be a garden too!

A garden on the roof, wouldn't it be amazing?

Apart from being beautiful and pleasant, it promotes great energy efficiency in the building, as well as good air quality.

Depending on the structure of the building, it is possible to decide the type of covering, the type of vegetation, the type of use, among many other aspects.

This can be done on the roof of a house, in an office, in a garage, anywhere that is suitable in terms of architecture.

This project may be carried out either after the construction of the building or during its design phase.

Vertical Vegetable Garden

A wall can bear fruits, the sweetest ones.

A balcony, a wall, a window, any place is good for planting and picking fruit.

Herbs, strawberries, raspberries, among many others, are great options for vertical vegetable gardens.

We create a project based on the available space so clients can choose their favourite species.

After the project, we teach clients how to take care of their vegetable garden in the long term. 

Reusing rainwater

With so much water falling from the sky, why not reuse it?

Reusing rainwater for watering and washing is a great savings option.

A turnkey project is ideal to design a good solution for water usage in order to reduce the consumption of drinking water in domestic activities that do not require it.

We will be helping the environment and saving on the costs of this service.

The reuse system can be designed during the architectural design of the house, but can also be implemented in existing buildings.

The size of the storage will always depend on the available space and the customer's needs.


The big secret is transforming waste into raw material!

Waste separation and composting are great tools for reintroducing waste into the value chain.

These ecocentres are based on a project, the choice of containers, an operating procedure and training for all those involved.

This is a great way to improve waste management either in your company or at home.