Travel and experiences

We organize trips around the world to provide our clients with scientific journeys to places where it is possible to see aurora borealis, glaciers, rainforests, oceans that don't mix, mountaintops... In short, unique places where everyone can learn about global balance and gain awareness of the importance of small daily actions for the well-being of our planet.

We offer half-day, one-day and weekend experiences that will take our clients to remarkable places. You will learn practical concepts related to nature, such as orienteering, living in nature, sustainable camping, planning hikes and trails, among others, which in turn will help you plan a daily routine in harmony with nature. 


Seeing auroras borealis or climbing mountains are undoubtedly some of the best ways to get to know our planet!

Earth is full of unique places, places where we can find the most amazing natural phenomena. And only by visiting them are we able to understand what truly surround us.

We organize small group journeys to these places, for you to visit our planet in the company of a person who is very familiar with the area and can tell you all about its curious facts.

We learn and share much more when we travel in groups.

Nature experiences

Explore nature, get to know different species, be in balance.

Imagine a day spent in nature, walking, observing, enjoying and learning.

Our experiences consist of giving people the opportunity, during one or two days, to live an unique experience in the middle of nature. This includes activities such as camping, wild cooking, field techniques and much more.

It's almost like learning everything we need when in an environment where we don't have access to everything we are used to.

Green moments

Time to escape routine and experience forest bathing

We will spend some hours in contact with nature, learning, exploring, photographing, observing or whatever the group might enjoy. Our main goal is to promote, during a short period of time, a very close contact with nature, while conveying knowledge on specific topics, such as photographing the flora, observing the stars, the cycles of some species, among many others.

People who share the same departure and arrival points are grouped together in order to maximize each one's experience in terms of time.