What is ISO 14001:2015?


The ISO 14001:2015 standard is based on requirements relating to an Environmental Management System (EMS), consisting of the effective follow-up and monitoring of the activities of a certain organisation and, objectively, aims to enhance the prevention of pollution guaranteed by compliance with all legislation and other socio-economic needs.

In this way, this standard presents the following requirements:

General Requirements: compliance with legislation, documentation, implementation and continuous improvement of the EMS;

Environmental Policy: definition of an environmental strategy for the organisation;

Planning: schematisation of the procedures for a possible environmental impact assessment;

Implementation and Operations: definition, structuring and documentation of the organisation's internal processes and responsibilities;

Monitoring: of liquid effluents, atmospheric effluents and solid waste, in order to structure measures to reduce environmental impacts.

By implementing this certification in an organisation, it is possible to improve the reliability of internal operations, facilitate the involvement of all members and collaborators, reduce the probability of environmental risks, reduce costs and improve the organisation's image.

Thus, in a generic way, certification by the ISO 14001 standard reflects the concern of a given organisation with the protection of the environment.