Workshop - Creative Mandalas

Hi, I'm Nanda.

The challenge I'm giving you for this workshop is to paint your own mandala on CDs to make a censer or a mandala to display or hang up.

The workshop lasts approximately 2 hours.

For the workshop we've provided the paints, tools for making the dots, paintbrushes, paper towels, practice papers before working on the piece and CDs.

Minimum number of participants 4.

Maximum 8 people.

Open to children, adults, parents and the elderly for the same price, but please be aware that this is a creative workshop for small mandalas and is not intended to teach the technique in depth.

12.50 €

Meeting point: Herança Minhota

Focus: Creativity; Handicrafts; Holistic

Duration: 2 hours

Target audience: Children, teenagers, adults and the elderly

Level of difficulty: N/A

Experience: No experience necessary


Painting a mandala on cd.

  • Explanation of techniques

  • Painting techniques

  • Exploring creativity

  • Developing a personal mandala

Material needed:

  • Confortable clothes
  • Water


  • Activities Insurance
  • Activities Guide


Learn more about the difficulty levels here.

A Guia

Hello, my name is Nanda, I'm a therapist and artist of personalised vibrational mandalas in pointillism, the creator of Nandamandalarte, a creative company based in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, specialising in vibrational mandalas in pointillism. My passion for mandalas, numbers, symbols and geometry, self-knowledge, spiritual connection and art therapy make it possible to bring unique mandalas to life, bringing healing, vibrational uplift and harmony to people or spaces.

I started painting in 2018, in a moment of reconnecting with my purpose, and little by little I discovered and experienced within myself the healing power that mandalas can have when made or observed with full attention.

Discovering and exploring the potential of this beautiful art has changed my life to the extent that I left my job of 17 years in the corporate world to devote myself full-time to therapy and mandala painting.

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