Guided Meditation

What I propose at this time is that you allow yourself to be guided along the paths of inner wisdom.

When we allow ourselves to open up, feel and pause, we discover that everything we need is within us and our whole path begins to lead towards what we need for our evolution.

With my voice, with my instruments, during this hour what I propose is that you allow yourself to travel between the mountains and the sea, between dimensions, between your conscious and unconscious.

- Please book your place on the chosen date in advance.

- Comfortable clothes and a jacket are recommended.

- We suggest that you be punctual or even anticipate your arrival so that you can calm down and settle in.

GPS coordinates sent after registration.

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10.00 €


22th of September | 7.30pm | Dem - Serra de Arga

Celebrating the Autumn Solstice


  • Daniela Amorim has an academic background in environmental engineering, but also a parallel path of profound self-discovery. She believes that planetary balance is found through personal balance; in all the personal development and well-being activities she guides, her main goal is to provide well-being, clarity and tranquillity to all who follow her. She has already taken part in several retreats in Portugal and Brazil, accumulating knowledge of various guides, from various peoples, so that everyone feels at home.